1. n прост. задняя сторона; задний фасад, спина , спинка

the wind was right behind us — ветер дул нам прямо в спину

2. n прост. зад

go behind — идти позади, сзади, отставать

toe of foot touching the floor behind — нога назад на носок

3. adv сзади, позади

to walk behind — идти позади

far behind — позади

way behind — далеко позади

4. adv назад
5. adv в запасе

but stronger evidence is behind — в запасе есть ещё более веские доказательства

to be behind — отставать

special classes for children who are behind — специальные занятия с отстающими детьми

to be behind in the score — отставать в счёте

to fall behind — отставать

outer front stand behind the high bar — стойка снаружи лицом к в.ж.

Синонимический ряд:
1. after (adj.) after; following; in back of
2. backward (adj.) backward; simple; slow
3. late (adj.) behind schedule; behind time; belated; delayed; dilatory; late; not caught up; tardy
4. buttocks (noun) backside; beam; bottom; breech; buttocks; cheeks; derriere; fanny; fundament; hams; haunches; heinie; hind end; hiney; hunkers; nates; podex; posterior; rear; rear end; rump; seat; tail; tail end
5. after (other) after; afterward; afterwhile; by and by; infra; later; latterly; next; subsequently
6. for (other) at the back of; for; in favour of; in support of (US); on the side of; pro
7. in back of (other) back; following; in back of; to the rear
8. tardily (other) behindhand; belatedly; late; overdue; tardily; unpunctually
Антонимический ряд:
ahead; before; punctual

English-Russian base dictionary . 2014.

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